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5 Fantastic Modest Floral Dresses

Looking for the perfect dress to wear out and about or even to church on Sunday? Here are a few modest floral pattern dresses that not only make a statement, but also keep you comfortable all day long.

Baby Blue Floral Midi Dress

This baby blue floral midi dress comes fully lined which makes it the perfect summer dress!  Throw it on and run out the door.  The ruffle bottom adds a nice feminine touch. It’s available in sizes small to large
Blue Floral Ruffle Bottom Midi Dress

Mint Floral Maxi Dress

The bright floral with the mint background makes this maxi dress stand out. The top is fully lined and the length is perfect for adding a knot in the hem for a little added flair. This one is available in small to XL. So, if you’re looking for a size above that, check out our Plus Size Section. You can also check out this plus size blue floral midi which, of course has pockets too!

Navy Floral Tie Sleeve Midi Dress

This Navy midi dress has the perfect combination of a bell sleeve with a ruffled bottom, and don’t forget the pockets!  It’s the best of all worlds!

We’ve Seen Tweens, Teens, and Moms who all love it so it’s a great option for an event or special occasion! It’s available in sizes small to large.


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  1. These are some really cool floral dresses. I actually really like the maxi dress, especially because it’s so long and yet has a great flair to it. I’m really curious to see other dresses like this, or at the very least the different variations there are.

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